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We coach using a super powered formula called the Ultimate Career Coaching method. This method has been featured on CNN, in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and more . Simply put, our program is revolutionizing the way people approach their job search and the career growth.

Using the Ultimate Career Coaching strategy you can,

  • Discover your true passion and find a career that makes Monday morning not so painful anymore
  • Negotiate a salary up to 25% more than what you would get without using our method
  • Interview with power, using our top secret formula that results in closing the deal
  • Create fast, meaningful results if your job search has stalled
  • Be more competitive in this competitive job market
  • Work with a Senior Certifided Coach

Areas of specialty include:

  • Financial and Accounting Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Mid to Senior level Management
  • Special program for recent college graduates

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Finding a job in this challenging economy means you have to be clever, swift, and agile. More than an ordinary career counseling firm, Integrity Career Transitions can turn you into a Job Search Ninja — whether you’re seeking a new job or not. Be prepared. Sharpen your job hunting skills. Approach the career change challenge with the stealth that only a trained ninja has.

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Reality CheckReality Check: Without an up-to-date job search strategy, the hunt for a new job averages one month for every $10,000 of income. Can you afford NOT to be prepared?

With millions of people searching for work you have more competition than ever before for a new job. Integrity Career Transitions has helped more than 100,000 people over the past 12 years make successful career changes. Our customized programs help you in your job hunt, or career change based on your individual needs. Pricing for services varies based on the program you choose. Contact an ICT representative to customize a plan to your specific needs or to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Equip yourself with the tools and skills you need to be the ultimate Job Search Ninja — like career counseling and advice, resume writing tips, job search help, and career change coaching. Train yourself in the essential wisdom and get the results you seek, with our help!

Effective Job Search Workshops
Learn how to be the CEO of your job search. Approach the task with knowledge, confidence, focus, and the drive to deliver results! Whether you are an entry-level college grad or an executive, you can find a career training course tailored to your needs and goals. Sessions are available LIVE in our corporate training center OR virtually via the Company YOU online university. Check out our list of upcoming seminars, including FREE classes.

Manage your job search with this truly unique program that provides a step-by-step method. eCareerConcierge is like having a personal assistant providing job search help. For just $25 per month, you access our concierge service, which guides you through the job search process, helps you keep track of contacts and leads, lets you search the top job-posting sites, do online personal assessments, network with other job hunters, and connect with your own career counselor. And much more! Find out how eCareerConcierge can simplify your job search process and improve your results!

Supercharge your job search with key insider information about companies with jobs that match your experience so you can maximize your reach. We will take the information from your resume and identify top decision makers at the companies with the jobs you qualify for. Then you receive a report on the company, information about key words we suggest you put in your resume, links to previous employees to get insider information, and more. These are not the jobs you will find on the job boards – these are the HOT jobs! Know someone who is looking for a job? Provide them a gift that will help them find the job of their dreams!

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Look at your resume – really look at it through the eyes of a busy employer who has a mounting pile of resumes. Will yours stand out from the hundreds of other applicants applying for the same position or do you need resume help? We’ve seen millions of resumes come through our offices. MOST are inadequate and don’t tell a compelling story. Today, more than ever, you need to stand out. Use our professional resume writing service to recharge your resume and cover letter into a powerful self-marketing tool that will get you noticed! Learn how to tailor these key door-openers to make a strong statement to your prospective employer. ICT works with hundreds of top hiring managers across the country. With years of HR management experience we know what hiring managers are looking for.

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Walk into that all-important interview fully prepared to present yourself as the best choice for the job. Just as a mock trial prepares legal teams for possible questioning, our coaching will sharpen your listening and presentation skills. You will be judged so be sure you’re prepared!

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New jobs are out there. We help you find them.